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Our production

One of our best quality is to be a manufacturing activity specialized in metal production. These articles are realized from prototypes given us by our clients or even self-made in our offices. The basic elements we use are mainly coppers, like brass and bronze, so much as light carpentry like iron and steel. Our works are based on clients directive in order to make them unique and custom-made.

We are focalized on two different types of treatments.

The first one is about decorative accessories and its process could be so structured:

First of all we accomplish a wood model and this will be used for the preparation of the mold.

Second step is about cleaning, smoothing and polishing of the product itself.

Some examples of this first process are bronzing, gold-plating, chromium plating and nickel plating.

The second type of treatment is used only for products assemble with extrusion and realized on specific commission from clients.

In both treatments we use either classic production or modern methods like prototypes or 3D Printing.

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