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Company Profile

Craftsmanship, combination of tradition and innovation, respect of basic elements, teamwork, integrity and passion for what we’re doing. These are our principles and consequently the driving that has allowed us to distinguish from three generations. These values also give us the possibility of satisfying our clients and at the same time growing up, thanks to an incessant comparison between our artisan’s coworker and us.

We are a centenary companywhose origins go back to the earlytwentieth century, thanks to the intuition and to the ability of the founder Mr. Doninelli Siro. He decided to propose a family-run artistic foundry to the market. His strength was to perceive in this activity an enormous potential, so much that it could guarantee a powerful growth for the future. Today our business and his value is recognized in the Italian territory aswell as in the European one and this is a consequence of the dedication of the two successors Ghiozzi Lino, husband of founder’s daughter and the current Ghiozzi Valerio.

The naming “artistic foundry” is a bit limited because we offer a complete product processing inside our building which accompanies the product itself through all its transformation phases, started from product’s basic form until its complete realization. It is also important to emphasize that all these techniques are faithful to the concepts handed down by the first masters in the art of fusion. Some of the basics elements with which we work are brass, bronze, steel and iron.

One of our biggest aim is to establish with all clients relationships based on respect, confidence and mutual admiration. In order to achieve it we undertake to guarantee an excellent service based on a constant and serious fulfilment.

I nostri valori

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